This is How Home Builders Succeed with Live Chat

Live chat can be a valuable tool to convert more website browsers into conversations. However, just like any conversation tool, it’s only as good as the conversationalist. Clients who have good salespeople at the other end of the chat request, by far, see the best results from the tool.

I get asked a lot about what makes for a good, or great, chat conversation. Kaine Homes, a builder of homes in Calvert County Maryland, is a long time client who is fortunate enough to have their chat service handled by Bobbi. Bobbi could write the instruction manual on how to turn a chat request into a lead. She’s casual, helpful, and gracefully requests permission to take the contact to the next step – email, phone, or visit.

Kaine Homes is allowing me to share an example of Bobbi’s chat transcripts here so that we may all bask in her awesome. I’ve removed the customer’s name to protect their privacy. As you read below, take note of Bobbi’s pleasant and helpful demeanor, her lead of the conversation – automatically moving the conversation forward, and her graceful request of the customer’s contact information to secure the follow-up opportunity.

Chat Content:

[Customer]: what lots are available in this neighborhood?
Bobbi: Hi [Customer Name], looks like you’re interested in Fields of Dunkirk. We currently have a lot hold on lot four, so lots 1-3 are available as well as the 12-acre site.
[Customer]: ok, thanks. What are the lot premiums and build time?
Bobbi: The 12-acre lot will have a premium and I would have to get back to you on that, we’re still determining it. We are looking at a June 1 date to break ground on homes there and turn around time is about 5-6 months.
You could secure your position on the home site of your choice now and start your design process, though.
[Customer]: ok. I think this is calvert schools correct?
Bobbi: That’s correct. Fields of Dunkirk is considered Calvert.
If you’d like, I would be happy to accept your email address and send you some additional information on our homes? Included features, a community map, etc.?
We have new April incentives and our closing assistance information.
[Customer]: ok that would be great. My email is [Customer’s Email Address] Would be interested in what the lot premium is on the 12 ac as well.
Bobbi: Sure thing. When are you looking to move into your new home? Are you currently living in Calvert?
[Customer]: We are looking to build on a lot with a larger lot. Does Kaine have any other lots that are not necessarily in a neighborhood? also, will more homes be built here, or are the 5 lots all?
we are renting in the owings area right now, just starting to look to buy.
Bobbi: Currently, we just have the five at Fields of Dunkirk. We have around the same number of homes completed on Chaney Road and that is also considered Fields of Dunkirk.
We do have two lots located in Owings, Ann’s Reach. One is 12 acres and one is 16 acres. They do have Anne Arundel County addresses.
You access these two through a Kaine community, Cabin Branch, but they’re private.
[Customer]: hmmm, my kids are in calvert right now, which we like. any lots in calvert?
Bobbi: We will have eight lots in Huntingtown around June 1..accessed through Walnut Creek.
They’ll be on a cul-de-sac, Chase Meadows will be the community name.
[Customer]: any info on those would be great as well. is there a plot map of chase meadows online?
Bobbi: Not yet, we’re not quite ready to market them but I can send you a community map so you can see the layout and sizes, is that comfortable?
[Customer]: yes, please. thanks for the help. Love the chat access!
Bobbi: Thanks [Customer Name]! Chat is really helpful, even after the office is closed I can accept them on my phone 🙂 I will get this email out right away.
[Customer]: thanks again.
Bobbi: Take care!

This is how successful chat is done.

Dennis O'Neil

Dennis O'Neil


Dennis has spent over 22 years using the internet to sell and market new homes. He blogs about internet marketing for home builders here, wrote a book about technology's impact on the sales process, and is a respected speaker on advanced internet marketing and the online sales process.