Monthly Archives: July 2018

Why is your Google Map Broken?

| Dennis O'Neil

Have you noticed an epidemic of broken interactive maps on websites that used to work just fine? You may have been greeted with an image like the one below instead of the interactivity you were expecting. Website owners and developers have enjoyed the power and freedom of Google Maps for many years, but for some […]

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Goodbye Google AdWords…Hello Google Ads!

| Beverly Bankert

Goodbye Google AdWords…Hello Google Ads! Last month, Google announced a major rebranding effort that is scheduled to roll out today. Moving forward the global online advertising product known as AdWords will sunset and become Google Ads. Google launched the AdWords platform on October 23, 2000 with just 350 initial advertisers who were interested in seeing […]

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I’ve been looking forward to the Jeff Shore Sales Leadership Summit since we left last year’s event. It’s high-energy, high-quality production that’s packed with positive open-minded sales and marketing leaders eager to talk about what makes our worlds go ‘round. A Venue to Inspire This year’s summit did not disappoint, as the Shore Consulting team […]

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Thanks for the Hospitality…

| Megan English

We’re back from PCBC 2018 and finally caught up on email so we thought we’d share a few highlights from our whirlwind San Francisco adventure. OK Avocado Toast, Excellent Conversation While the great debate will always be pancakes vs. waffles, the breakfast choice of the morning at Mel’s Drive-In was a hearty helping of avocado […]

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