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So your new website is built. Great! Now let’s drive some traffic. The possibilities are endless on how to attract visitors to your homebuilder website and our suite of marketing services oozes with opportunity. Just take gander at all we have to offer. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just get in touch with us, we most likely do that too.

For clients needing to grow awareness and traffic to their website, we can help bring instant traffic by implementing a managing a high-performance paid search campaign. For long-term value, we provide content strategy and marketing services, including social media, designed to for major search engine optimization (SEO) rewards. For clients looking to leverage existing traffic for more results, we’ve implementing hundreds of email marketing campaigns for home builders, apartment communities, and senior living communities alike.

Email Marketing

The homebuying sales process can be a long and tedious road, but generating creative ways to follow up with prospects can be even more daunting. Email marketing is the perfect solution to stay in touch. We’ll design and send your marketing messages using the latest email platforms to ensure optimum deliverability. That database of leads you’ve been collecting does serve a purpose!

Content Marketing & Strategy

A book written today on social media and search engine optimization tools and techniques will be 30% outdated by the time it gets printed. The tools available for social media marketing and search engine optimization are changing so rapidly, simply keeping up with the opportunities if a job in itself.

Simply posting a new blog article every couple weeks with “new home in _____” in the title and then sharing a new photo on Facebook is not going to cut it. Real results requires a comprehensive content strategy designed to deliver targeted traffic, leads, and improved search rankings.

Participation is marketing, and we develop content strategies for our clients that get people talking, sharing, and tweeting. We develop these strategies as a part of our search engine optimization and social media marketing services. There is no separating them. We’re working with clients who are looking to more past Facebook and Blogging 101 to turn those efforts into sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone is talking about it, but what does SEO mean? More importantly why do you need it anyway? It’s crucial your website is optimized to increase the likelihood that it returns on the first page of results for Google, Bing, Yahoo and those other guys. We’ll build your site with SEO as a priority, keep your site up-to-date with the always-changing SEO principles, or restructure your existing site to employ SEO as part of your marketing efforts.

Website Analytics & Conversion Analysis

One of the many reasons we love the web as a marketing vehicle is the loads of data it provides us. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the depth of reports available in Google Analytics alone. Our client engagements include comprehensive reporting of key web metrics, but also deep dives into areas in need of attention or worthy of a highlight.

Our typical review will include website traffic statistics, email marketing volume, open rates, and click rates, social media stats such as like and follower count, and organic search rankings, too, among a multitude of others. It’s easy for you to drown in details. You’ve got a business to run. We’ll provide the executive summary and let you know what’s working, what’s not, and what you should do next.

Paid Search Marketing (PPC/SEM)

While organic placement is the bee’s knees, it doesn’t always do the trick. Your organic search ranking is the most cost effective way to ensure your website’s visibility (mainly because it’s free) But you and the rest of the world are competing to rank in the top spot for the same search phrases. Paid Search is the next best way to introduce the world to your website. We’ll get you going by identifying your ideal budget, building your audience base and creating your ad content. Then we’ll manage all these moving parts to keep you in the game and report back with all the juicy details.

Text Message Marketing

We love email marketing, but text messages are king when it comes to being read. Text messages do not get caught in spam, they almost always have the power to interrupt whatever else is happening on your prospective customers phone.

With great power comes great responsibility. The medium requires a much shorter message and a higher threshold for relevance. We understand text message marketing and can help you successfully leverage it as a part of your overall marketing strategy.

Live Chat

As much as we wish they did, consumer just don’t love filling out contact forms. Let’s face it, a contact form is a commitment by today’s Internet standards. And the uncertainty of when they might get a response is enough to make some people just skip the process altogether.

On the other hand, live chat is nearly instant. They can have a question, and ask it with a click, and just a little bit of commitment. Once the conversation is started, then your people get to do what they do best – build trust and ask for the opportunity to follow-up. Voila! A new lead.

Live chat is very affordable, and super quick to implement; especially for Builder WebPress users. For some more details on live chat, see a blog post we put together with some stats on the time of day and frequency our clients see chat activity.

Social Media Marketing

We’ve been a long term believer in social media’s ability to differentiate businesses from their competitors and avoid the price-focused decisions. In fact, we’ve even written a book on the social media’s impact on the sales process. Social is one of the best tools available to share your company personality and values. Combined with a content strategy, social media participation can have real and measurable impact on web traffic, leads, and sales.

We approach each client differently, so not every tool and medium is right for everyone. Some of the tools and platforms we may leverage include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others.

We know how how to get people talking and get the phones ringing. You’re business is doing so many things every day. Let’s talk about them and put social media to work for you.

For many years now, we have trusted ONeil Interactive for the strategy and the implementation of our digital marketing -- paid search, email, social media, and more. As an integral part of the A&G marketing team, ONeil Interactive's efforts deliver more traffic and more leads each year, moving us ahead of our competition.

Shellye Gilden
President, A&G Management