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For interest in marketing roles, please email:
megan [-at-] oneilinteractive [-dot-] com

For interest in design or front-end development roles, please email:
jessie [-at-] oneilinteractive [-dot-] com (inlcude a link to your portfolio)

For interest in other development roles, please email:
peter [-at-] oneilinteractive [-dot-] com (inlcude a link to public git repositories)

Remote/Office Work Policies

Our team works remotely the majority of the time. We meet monthly in our Hunt Valley, Maryland office.  

Full-time Benefits

All Full-time employees receive paid time off (10 days for year one), Health Reimbursement Arrangement, 401k with company match, employee life insurance coverage, fitness center membership, and are eligible for the quarterly bonus plan.

Digital Project Manager

ONeil Interactive is a team of creative and technology professionals working endlessly to design ground-breaking websites, architect powerful marketing programs, and build incredible software, but we need your help. We are looking for a detail oriented individual with project management prowess to take on the role of Digital Project Manager. You will help lead new website projects, and support existing website clients, as well as share your expertise with the world via our internal content initiatives.

The Digital Project Manager is responsible for:

  • Being the primary support for the Senior Project Manager.
  • Supporting new website projects by tracking project needs and deliverables, collecting feedback, and tracking internal and client action items discussed during client meetings and internal meetings.
  • Digesting and submitting client feedback to the design and development team in a timely manner.
  • Communicating with clients about website deliverables, timelines and updates.
  • Supporting website maintenance updates by:
  • Responding to client emails in a timely manner  to ensure their request was received
  • Actively QA’ing updates before they are sent to the client
  • Relaying client requests and feedback to the design and development team


The Digital Project Manageris responsible for identifying the activities that will most effectively produce the results for which they are responsible. Some possible activities include:

  • Keeping a running list of deliverables to be completed by ONeil Interactive and the website client, and follow up internally and externally to ensure timelines are met
  • Creating gantt charts, meeting agendas, and organizing website client meeting notes
  • Submitting website feedback into ClickUp
  • Loading designs into Invision client collaboration platform
  • Starting/Organizing client Shared Drive folders
  • Initiating ClickUp folders and task lists
  • Providing feedback to the ONeil Interactive design and development team about client requests/feedback
  • Attending virtual, local, regional, and national training sessions/seminars to facilitate vertical growth.
  • Leveraging online resources to enhance their understanding of the platforms we implement and recommend.
  • Helping with the ongoing efficiency improvements of ONeil Interactive IP and processes.


  • 1-2 years of project management of websites or other digital marketing projects
  • Experience and comfort working in website dashboards
  • Ability to multitask and juggle multiple clients and projects simultaneously
  • Ability to communicate kindly and effectively with internal teams and with clients 
  • Strong organization and time management skills
  • Self-starter with a desire to learn and grow

We help businesses sell and market places to live; i.e. new homes, apartments, and senior living communities. The ideal team member has an appreciation of interior design and architecture.

We take a holistic approach to our clients' web presences and provide a full spectrum of digital marketing strategy and services. A wide understanding and appreciation of those strategies is highly valued.

This position requires working in our Hunt Valley office one day a month with virtual work for all other work days. 

If we sound like we may be a fit, please respond to this post with your resume and a brief cover letter about why you’d like to explore being a part of our team.

This is a full-time position. ONeil Interactive provides competitive salaries, paid time off, a quarterly bonus plan, 401k, and employee life insurance coverage.

Please introduce yourself, or email us at We look forward to meeting you.


JavaScript Developer

Our culture has been described as “high-performance and low ego.” We’re seeking a high-performance JavaScript developer that is eager to collaborate with leaders in all aspects of the technology stack to build better web experiences for our clients. ONeil Interactive’s development staff is a team of nine. The JavaScript Developer is a new role. It’s a critical part of our future and a role we’re seeking to fill immediately.

If the following statements describe you, we’d love to talk.

  • jQuery makes you sad. Console errors make you very sad.
  • You appreciate how jQuery has helped introduce many developers to what’s possible with JavaScript, but now you want to show them a better way.
  • You respect the power of JavaScript while recognizing it’s not the only tool, and not always the best tool, for a task.
  • Micro-optimizations make you happy.
  • You measure the value of code by its positive impact on application performance and its ease of maintenance.
  • You believe code documentation is as helpful for the author as it is for other users.
  • You are good-natured and collaborative. You want to work together with other good people to build great things.
  • You provide and receive constructive feedback gracefully.
  • Seeing your libraries used by others is a great source of pride and satisfaction.

ONeil Interactive is the maker of Homefiniti, the most powerful marketing software application in the home building industry. We believe in our responsibility to be a force for good in the world. Our clients depend on Homefiniti to run their business. By meeting our responsibility to our clients, every home we help them sell equates to a full year of employment for a tradesperson. And through this success, we have shared our profits with donations to dozens of charitable organizations supporting youth education in technology and other worthy causes.

The technical skills for our JavaScript developer include:

  • An expertise is one or more JS frameworks such as Vue or React. We don’t have a favorite, but understanding where these libraries add value, or not, is critical.
  • Skilled in native ES5 & ES6, the browser support for each, and how to determine the best choice for the task.
  • Builds efficient and reusable libraries that enable less skilled JavaScript developers to implement advanced features and functionality.
  • Writes robust logical documentation that assists other developers.

What types of projects will the ONeil Interactive JavaScript Developer will work on?

  • Projects that will make the biggest difference in the performance of Homefiniti and the client websites it powers.
  • Creation of a global DOM management tool, or the incorporation of an existing library if a suitable one exists.
  • Creating new, or refactoring existing, libraries that manage tasks that include AJAX requests, cookie management, analytics, form nonces, DOM manipulation, and interacting with external APIs such as Google Maps, Mapbox, YouTube, Vimeo, and the Facebook Marketing API.

Design & Front-end Web Developer (ZFEWD)

Come build great web experiences with us. ONeil Interactive is seeking a new team member that is excited about great design and eager to build creative compelling web experiences.

At ONeil Interactive, we help our clients sell and market places to live. This means we have fun building the tools that help consumers make the biggest financial decisions of their life. The right team member should be excited by, and respectful of, that responsibility.

The ZFEWD role at ONeil Interactive is well-suited for designers bored with yet another WordPress brochure website. This role is ideal for the individual who leans into new challenges, new technology, and new projects. Our team takes pride in working to stay ahead of increasing consumer expectations, and rapidly shifting from architecting a intuitive UI to engineering the most efficient pixel-perfect way to build it.

The design duties include websites, web applications, display ads, email broadcasts, among other digital media.

The following statements describe the right person.

  • A skilled designer fluent in modern web design best practices.
  • Appreciates a beautiful user interface.
  • Has a solid portfolio featuring both great design and well written code.
  • Believes the back of a website can be a beautiful as the front.
  • Is comfortable and productive working independently (The position involves working remotely up to 2 days/per week).
  • Is able to error check, proofread, and thoroughly test their own work.
  • Provides and receives constructive feedback gracefully.
  • Never stops learning.

Technical ability requirements include:

  • Highly skilled with HTML and CSS/Sass.
  • Experience with popular frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, BassCSS, etc.
  • Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Fluent in jQuery.
  • Understanding and appreciation of SEO focused development -- efficiency, speed, and user experience.

Technical bonus abilities include:

  • Experience with web app templating languages
  • Experience developing for a Django app
  • Experience writing PHP/WordPress
  • Advanced JavaScript skills

    Working in a close team means every decision made by every team member has a direct impact on our clients’ success. Our new ZFEWD is excited about the opportunity to make that impact and feel the pride of that success.

    This is a full-time, local position based in our Hunt Valley headquarters. ONeil Interactive provides competitive salaries, paid time off, a quarterly bonus plan, HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement), 401k, and employee life insurance coverage. We enjoy a flexible work schedule with in-office hours 3 days per week and work-at-home hours 2 days per week.

    Please introduce yourself, or email us your questions. We look forward to meeting you.