The Social Model Home

It’s no secret we’re supporters of social media for home builders. One of social media’s rarely tapped strengths is its ability to scale a personalized customer experience.

As salespeople, you have the ability to learn about your prospect. You can learn what their goals are, what they like, and what they don’t like, in order to present the model home in a way that fits their life and solves their problems. While social media cannot accomplish that, it can create its own form of personalization during the model demo based on what it knows about the individual.

Check out this amazing video below where prospect’s Facebook photos were used to personalize the picture frames in the model home during the tour.

How is social media working for you?

Dennis O'Neil

Dennis O'Neil


Dennis has spent over 19 years using the internet to sell and market new homes. He blogs about internet marketing for home builders here, wrote a book about technology's impact on the sales process, and is a respected speaker on advanced internet marketing and the online sales process.