Don’t Just Stop Your Social Media Efforts- Keep it Up!

Across the board, we have seen almost everyone step up their social media game during these past 2 months. From starting their own Facebook Lives to coming up with games to keep their followers engaged and entertained. The initiative and commitment of our home builders to social media during this time has blown us away. However, now is not the time to stop.

With many states starting to reopen again, we are stepping towards a life of normalcy. People are going back to the office, future homeowners want to do in-person tours, and life will return back to normal. We know going back can be an exciting time and almost a sigh of relief. Although that doesn’t mean all the work you did on social media should stop.

We want to encourage home builders to continue the initiatives they did throughout quarantine. Keep doing those Facebook Lives. Let prospective home buyers get to know your staff and how much you are willing to help them through the home buying process. You can still build a relationship online through social media. You have taken the leap to be on camera – now stay there. The power of video is still strong and should be continued throughout your social media calendar.

Keep your followers engaged! We’ve seen awesome content like spot the difference games, contests, and more to keep their followers entertained during this time. These past two months were less about selling homes but more about building a connection with future homeowners. Keep that relationship going by having a small percentage of your posts to be fun content for your followers to enjoy. People will continue to have an interest in your brand and the builder’s personality.

Even though the US is starting to get back to normal again, don’t just stop all of the social media efforts you did. It was a step in the right direction. Future homeowners want to see YOU, want to engage with YOU, and build a relationship with YOU. What better way to do all of that then to keep up your social media efforts.

Megan English

Megan English

Vice President

A homebuilding industry veteran and a marketer at heart, Megan makes it her mission get to the core of what you're trying to say and then find the best way to say it online. If you can get a few leads and laughs in the process, mission complete.