Introducing Homefiniti Analytics

Accurate business metrics have never been more important. In the last couple weeks there have been many conversations and opinions about what is actually happening in the housing market. Is traffic up or down? Are leads up or down? Are form completions of the generic variety, or are prospects actually inquiring about your communities and inventory?

In an effort to help all builders during this time of uncertainty, we’ve activated the Homefiniti Analytics dashboard for all our users. Homefiniti Analytics provides an accurate measurement of community-level traffic and most Homefiniti-hosted websites also get data on community-level website lead volume. What makes this different than Google Analytics?

Serious Traffic Only

Homefiniti Analytics does not report on visits to your website’s homepage, about us page, contact page, etc. Not that this traffic isn’t relevant for some purposes, but Google Analytics does this reporting well enough. Homefiniti Analytics reports exclusively on the traffic to your community, plan, and spec pages — giving you a more accurate view of interested prospect activity.

Community-Level Reporting

You can spend the time in Google Analytics to setup filters or dimensions to examine your traffic for each community, but Homefiniti Analytics does this all for you. You can quickly see traffic for the “Happy Acres” community and Homefiniti Analytics will total the traffic for all views of Happy Acres, plus all the plans and spec home pages within that community for the most accurate picture of overall community interest.

Community-Level Website Leads

For most Homefiniti-hosted websites, Homefiniti Analytics provides this same insight for community leads. Your “Happy Acres” leads report will total every lead that came through your website directly for Happy Acres and any related plan or inventory home.

How to Get Homefiniti Analytics?

If you’re already a Homefiniti user, simply login and select Homefiniti Analytics from the dashboard menu on the left. Most users we have instant access to data, but if your site needs to have the Homefiniti Analytics pixel installed, there will be directions on how to add the pixel directly or via Google Tag Manager.

If you’re not a Homefiniti user, you can create an account here. If you have a listing feed available (in one of the industry standard XML formats), please reach out to us here and we can begin importing that automatically for you and you’ll begin to see data within 24 hours.

We Hope This Helps

We’re releasing this dashboard a bit earlier than we might have otherwise, but in these times where business intelligence is critical for decision-making, it is our sincere hope that these insights will be of value.

And yes, Homefiniti Analytics is free to all home builders.

Dennis O'Neil

Dennis O'Neil


Dennis has spent over 22 years using the internet to sell and market new homes. He blogs about internet marketing for home builders here, wrote a book about technology's impact on the sales process, and is a respected speaker on advanced internet marketing and the online sales process.