A Guide to Not Being Awkward on Camera

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Hold on! Do not panic….

We know being on camera can be a scary thing, but let’s face it: Video is one of the most engaging marketing tools there is. Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon of video marketing. We are breaking down the steps to get you comfortable on camera so you can look like a natural.

Step One: Warm Up

There’s no need to do jumping jacks… but get up and stretch a bit. This will shake out those uneasy nerves and get your blood pumping. If you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, just walk around the office.

Since you will also be talking in the video, you’ll want to get your voice warmed up too. Some popular vocal exercises include:

  • “Red Leather, Yellow Leather” Say this over and over again and it will help you be conscious of your enunciation.
  • Horse Lips..might seem a bit odd but this exercise helps to loosen your lips and warms up your throat too. Just make sure not to spit everywhere

You also need to be aware of your tone on camera. If you are too monotone, your audience will get bored and disinterested. If you are too quiet, no one will know what you are saying. Your tone should express how excited you are of informing your audience.

Step Two: Go Over Talking Points

If you are the only one in the video, go over your talking points a few times so you don’t blank on what to say once the camera is rolling. If you have someone else is the video with you, have a mock conversation with your video partner before taping. To keep the audience interested, prepare some fun anecdotes and examples on the subject you are speaking on. This will help you be more personable on camera and help connect you and your audience.

Step Three: Action!

Don’t just stand there, have some fun! Being casual on camera is key to making your viewers enjoy the video. If you try to be too uptight and formal, it will make your viewers uneasy. Try treating the viewer like they are your best friend. By acting this way, you will be a lot more personable and interesting.

Step Four: Be aware of your posture

Just act natural! It seems simple, right? That’s because it is! Don’t be stiff on camera, you might not want to be as relaxed as Jimmy Fallon and Robert Downey Jr, but being relaxed shows a sense of confidence.

Step Five: Be conversational, not robotic

Don’t worry about awkward pauses, that’s why we have the power of editing. Just make some jokes and remember to relax.

Step Six: Show your passion.

Be passionate and remember to just be yourself. You know you are passionate about your houses, so just show it on camera!

What not to do…

  • No booger shots
    • Keep phone/camera up high
  • Avoid backlighting
  • Avoid shaky camera
    • keep the camera steady

These are just a few tricks to get yourself camera-ready for promoting your brand and your houses. Just remember to keep it simple and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

For more information on video marketing visit How a Builder Designs the Best Website: Video is Simply Not Easy.

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