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This series has shared plenty of words on home builder video, including a guide to being on camera, so this time we’re digging right into samples and inspiration. When deciding what kind of video is right for you, remember that all of the samples can be blended together and be produced as simple or as sophisticated as you can imagine.

Community Drone Video

Drone videos have become quite popular due to the previously impossible aerial camera perspectives. The sample below is typical, but consider adding the bonus opportunity listed below.

Difficulty 3/10
DIY Cost 3/10
Pro Cost 4/10

Special Needs
You can hire a pro to deliver a finished video. Or, you’ll need to buy your own drone like these from DJI starting at about $400. You’ll need some basic software for editing, but both Windows and macOS include simple video software that could do the job.

Bonus Opportunity
Add an audio track with a narrator describing the community home sites, upcoming amenities, etc. If you don’t like the sound of your own voice, a professional from will read your script for $100-500.

Narrated Matterport Video

This is an ingenious way to leverage your existing virtual tours to make unique videos with helpful commentary. A special thank you to Steve Shoemaker of Ideal Homes for letting me share this golden opportunity.

Difficulty 2/10
Cost 1/10

Special Needs

  • You’ll need a Matterport tour, of course, or some similar self-directed virtual tour.
  • You’ll need screen recording software. Quicktime is free on Macs, but Camtasia is a great paid option ($249 and it offers a free trial).

Bonus Opportunities

  • Use a high quality microphone instead of your on-laptop microphone. Most any podcast microphone would improve the audio quality. The Blue brand podcast microphones are popular and start around $50.
  • As an alternative to the commentary, the walk-through could be written out like a narrative; describing your arrival home, dropping bags off in the drop-zone, and then heading to the kitchen to begin prepping dinner.
  • Ask someone to join the recording and make the audio a discussion.

Hosted Live Tour

I’m not a huge fan of the single cameraperson/narrator videos. The audio tends to be bad because they’re on the wrong side of the camera, and it’s frankly tough for most people to handle the camera well while speaking. The video below is two-person project – one person in front of the camera speaking while the other operates it.

Difficulty 7/10
DIY Cost 4/10
Pro Cost 10/10

Special Needs

  • You’ll need an employee or professional comfortable in front of the camera.
  • You’ll need a second person to operate the camera.

Bonus Opportunity
A wireless lavalier microphone that clips onto the host’s shirt or collar makes a huge difference in the audio quality and professional presentation.

Interview Tour

Going way way back for this example… Did you know long before Mike Rowe talked about dirty jobs, he hosted a Sunday morning program in Baltimore about local area new home communities?

Difficulty 7/10
DIY Cost 4/10
Pro Cost 10/10

Special Needs

  • An employee or professional to host.
  • An employee to interview. I recommend your Online or Onsite Sales Counselor
  • There is more of a need for intensive, or professional, editing with this format. Notice how as the audio of the interview continues, the video changes to what is often called “B roll.” It’s not rocket science, but certainly more complex cutting out a blooper.

Bonus Opportunity
Hiring Mike Rowe is unlikely to be cost effective, but what’s to say this approach couldn’t be your own “series”? Whoever your host, that person(s) could release new tours on a regular basis and connect the experience across all communities a home shopper is considering.

3D Rendered Video

Companies that do 3D rendering almost always offer a video option for communities they’ve “drawn.” The video below contains some great details in text intermixed with the renderings, but be sure to check out the bonus opportunity for additional value.

Difficulty 4/10
Cost 2/10

Special Needs

  • You’ll need the video of the 3D community of course
  • Copy writing for the on-screen messages.
  • Basic editing software to add the text and transitions.

Bonus Opportunity
Consider adding a narrated voiceover using in-house or professional talent. That audio can add value beyond the music, and be converted to captions for viewers with their volume off.

Other Video Types

I intentionally excluded the videos made up of moving still photos and music. To be frank, they’re not videos. They might satisfy a checkbox requirement for video, but they don’t add value to the home shopping experience.

What other kind(s) of videos should be on this list?

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