Meet Our Newest Team Member, Megan!

Our people always make us so proud, so we love it when we get to introduce new team members to the world. Megan McSwain started as ONeil Interactive’s Social Media and Content Coordinator back in February and she’s been so busy making great content for us and our clients that we’re just getting around to learning a little more about what makes her tick.

Enjoy the results of our rapid fire Q&A session and we encourage you to say “hi” to Megan on any of our social media platforms (we know she’ll get back to you in a very timely manner).


1. Describe what you do at ONeil Interactive in 25 words or less.
I develop and post original, shareworthy content to our clients’ social platforms and blogs. You’ll also see me posting on the ONeil Interactive digital platforms.

2. What’s your favorite thing to do on your day off?
Binge watch whatever’s new on Netflix! The show I’m watching at the moment: Black Lighting!

3. Share one fun fact about yourself that might surprise us!
I was the varsity cheer captain at my high school. Go Mariners!

4. What’s your spirit animal and why?
Meerkat! I use to watch Meerkat Manor when I was younger. They’re very smart and always do what intrigues them.

5. What one thing you’ve learned about home builder marketing since you joined the ONeil Interactive team?
Now that we live in a digital age, builders are reexamining how they communicate with future potential buyers. I look forward to working with our clients to build a strong digital presence for today’s homebuyers.


Megan English

Megan English

Vice President

A homebuilding industry veteran and a marketer at heart, Megan makes it her mission get to the core of what you're trying to say and then find the best way to say it online. If you can get a few leads and laughs in the process, mission complete.