Rethinking the Apartment Shopping Experience with a New Website

Recently we launched a new website for A&G Management Company, an apartment management company with 13 communities around the Baltimore area. We worked with A&G Management’s team to not only design a whole new website, but to reimagine a whole new way of apartment shopping.  We thought apartment shopping should be fun, functional and super easy. So here’s what we did.


Fun, colorful and motion, motion, motion! With moving patterns and buttons that react, this site has just the right amount of fun surprises.

Apply Online functionality, where prospective tenants can create an account, complete a full rental application, and pay the fee using a credit card, all from the convenience of their mobile phone.

Integrated with the custom ONeil Interactive-built CRM, all leads and applications are instantly inserted into their tailored CRM for efficient follow-up and lead tracking.

Research the surrounding areas with an in-app experience, making it easy for the mobile user to find the nearest grocery store, coffee shop, and more.


Designed for Lead Conversion, with contact invitations everywhere, on every device, easy to access, and easy to use.

Traffic quantification, with conversions and engagement behaviors tracked like never before.

See it here.

Jenna Verrecchio

Jenna Verrecchio

Digital Producer

Juggling an ever-changing portfolio of digital projects, Jenna's job is to find out what our clients want and the best way to make it happen. Delivering a new lead-generating website or an updated feature that's even better than expected: mission accomplished.