Application Development

When Only a Custom Solution Will Do.

ONeil was a logical partner on this project, as their team is a perfect mix of creative and analytical. I knew they would develop an engaging experience that supported our core Lead Generation strategy.

Will Duderstadt
Marketing Manager - Web Platforms, M/I Homes

The Internet passed the “brochure” stage a long time ago. The technology that makes up the web can do so much more than just share information. It can collect dynamic real-time information, automate processes, contact others — It can make things happen. It can make big things happen. And it can save you lots of money and energy in the process.

If you can dream it, we can build it. While sales and marketing is our specialty, we’ve built application to human resources departments and accounting, too. We build and services a number of different application types tailored to client specifications. We’re not picking something off a shelf and putting our label on it. We’re doing ground up application building for the most tailored solution possible.

Fully Custom Solutions

All of our application development projects are custom tailored for your business. Similar to the process of building a custom home, we start with a blank piece of paper and develop your wish list of functionality. Then we determine a course of action limited only by budget and imagination.

We’ll work with you during an exploration meeting, or a feasibility period depending on the size of the project, to determine the most important functions, the most cost effective solutions, and a plan for rollout and future maintenance. We support everything we build, and we’re in this for the long haul.

If there’s no name for what you want built, and nothing like it exists, we’d love to hear more about it. We love a challenge.

Client & Vendor Portals

When it’s time to make your web presence more than a “site”, it’s time to make it a utility for customers and vendors. Turning your website into a place your contacts visit to make things happen is a sure fire way to keep them coming back.

We’ve developed a number of portals for our clients to provide useful and meaningful communications. Some ONeil Interactive clients offer salespeople personalized sales collateral inside their portals. Some provide customers with a private repository of photos showcasing their home under construction. Whatever special need you can meet for your clients and vendors, we can build a friendly system for them to explore and for you to maintain.


There are better ways to communicate with a group than the “bcc” field. ONeil Interactive can build small and large scale systems to automate communications where it makes sense for your business. The options are only as limited as your needs.

  • Do you want employees to get Happy Birthday emails?
  • Do you want customers to get automatic survey invitations via email?
  • Do you want customers to get meeting reminders via text message?

We build systems to automate these processes, ensure maximum delivery, and measure the performance of everything.

Systems Integration

Technology is supposed to make our lives and businesses better. It’s not supposed to create new problems. There’s no bigger waste of time or greater chance for error than duplicate data entry.

We’ve worked with just about every technology under the sun the connect separate systems in a way that keeps data consistent and simplifies your life. We’ve connected with accounting systems, CRM systems, inventory systems, and credit card payment systems, too. You shouldn’t have to login to four separate website to do your job. We can fix that.

Custom CRM Software

There are a number of very good and very powerful CRM solutions available today. As a matter of fact, we often recommend some of our favorites to clients. Sometimes though, there simply not a tool that fits your business process.

ONeil Interactive builds custom CRM solutions tailored to fit your sales and business processes, eliminating duplicate data entry, and providing a friendly user interface that salespeople actually find helpful. We integrate with multiple platforms, including credit check systems, credit card payment systems, and accounting systems, too.

Sometimes, only a tailored suit will do.