Homefiniti and Beyond Recap: Meet the Team and Blogging Benefits

So far, into my second month at ONeil Interactive, I’ve had daily virtual team meetings, participated in our weekly team-building “nom-nom” sessions, attended a virtual event with some of my co-workers, engaged with our awesome builder clients, and now I can add FIRST Homefiniti and Beyond session to my list. It most definitely won’t be the last. ONeil Interactive is pretty darn great. During a week that gets a lot of us reflecting on what we are grateful for, being part of this team makes my smile bigger!

If you have participated in any of Lasso’s webinars throughout the years, you may have heard and seen me introduce one of our awesome partners or perhaps even deliver the odd webinar (if it had anything to do with email marketing, I was usually involved). You also may have heard me say that “Webinar days are my favorite days” and that they are always better live. I still maintain that listening live is ALWAYS better.  Providing education has always been important to me and that feeling that we are contributing to someone’s learning always provides me with excitement. So, whether it’s a webinar or a FB Live session … those days are my favorite.

During this recent Homefiniti and Beyond session, I had the privilege to provide our viewers with an overview of my background and what I’m passionate about (team 🌮). My goal is to help our clients fully utilize the Homefiniti platform and provide additional resources to encourage even more Digital Marketing success. You can read more about me and my role at ONeil. I’d love to connect with you on Facebook or LinkedIn.

The topic of discussion for this month’s Homefiniti and Beyond was blogging best practices. Here’s the recorded session, and below you’ll find a summary of the session.

Benefits of Blogging

One of the benefits of a Homefiniti blog is that it resides within the website to maximize full SEO value. While a debatable topic (subdomains vs subdirectories), most builders would benefit from their blog being a subdirectory. When a subdomain is used for a blog, Google treats the blog as a separate entity.

What Do You Need?

Be prepared is my mantra. It’s always better to have everything ready to go:

  • Content (unformatted text/copy for the post)
  • Images – sizing them before posting the blog is always better. Tools like Canva make it super easy
  • Links – linking to other relevant sites, and pages within your own site is a benefit

How long and how often?

  • 1-2 times/month is great
  • 500 words or more (this post is over 500 words 😅)
  • 1000-2000 is even better
  • Link to keywords

 Key Takeaways:

  • Consistency is key! Blog on a regular basis.
  • Always paste clean, unformatted text. Pasting directly from Word or other applications can add in styles and code that causes formatting issues and can take more time cleaning up after the fact.
  • Use h1, h2, h3 styles and bullets to help make the post easy to scan and read. White space is important. Most readers scan for important sections.
  • Longer is better. Word count definitely counts to contribute to SEO.
  • Share your posts on social media and via email (Monthly newsletters). Blog content can be perfect for your sales teams to use when communicating with prospects.

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Angela McKay

Angela McKay

Director of Homefiniti Experience.

Angela has been serving the home building industry for 14 years. A marketer at the core, she is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and the buyer journey. She’s a problem solver and has a knack for finding the positive in everything and everyone. Angela is responsible for helping builders realize the full power of Homefiniti. While her husband and their two adult-aged children are most important to her; Monte, the family lab, and her Peloton bike, are not far behind! Hiking, running, and spinning keep her head clear and her spirits high.