Builder WebPress Just Keeps Getting Better!

We pride ourselves on making Builder WebPress, our turnkey website platform for home builders, better and better with each opportunity. We are pleased to share that it has been a very busy few months, and it’s been some time since our last update. This means we’ve got lots of goodies to share.

Instead of vacations, we locked ourselves in dark rooms with full pots of coffee to produce some awesome upgrades. We’ve saved the best one for last, so be sure to look over it all!

  • XML Updates  – So starting off with the less exciting technical things, we made some updates to the Builder XML feed generated by Builder WebPress for maximum compatibility with BDX and New Home Feed. If you’re not already leveraging this feature, be sure to navigate to Settings > Builder XML in your dashboard. There you will find the URL of your feed containing all the details included on your website. Provide this feed to,, or any sophisticated new home listing service and automatically update them when you change prices, availability, etc. Simplify!
  • Spec Latitude & Longitude – Sometimes you want your spec to have a map, but don’t have the time to get the Latitude and Longitude of the lot. Now, with a check of a box, you can use the associated Location’s latitude and longitude until you’re able to be more specific.
  • Spec Photos – Many times, you’re marketing a spec before it looks like much. Photos of a hole in the ground are only so appealing. You can now include the associated Plan photos automatically for your Specs. This way, you can show samples of a completed home, alongside (or instead of) the dirt pile. When you do this, photos uploaded to the Spec will show BEFORE any of the imported Plan photos.
  • Easy Chat activation – For Builder WebPress users who want to activate Website Alive website chat, the process is now super fast and simple. Contact us if you want to get this turned on today!
  • Customer Database – This one is big. We do a lot of email marketing for home builders, and often the largest obstacle to starting is the need for a list of interested home shoppers. Builders receive leads from their website, but the resulting emails get deleted and rarely end up in a spreadsheet or any usable form. Knowing that there are many full-featured CRM options available to builders, we set out to create a simple reliable system of lead capture and maintenance. All Builder WebPress users will receive access to the new customer section as part of their subscription to the Builder WebPress platform! It’s already live. Login to your dashboard today to check it out.

What does the Customer Database do?

  1. The customer database automatically captures ALL of the information submitted by leads from your website. Including what page they inquired from and what location, plan, or spec they expressed interest in.
  2. The customer database allows users to edit contact info (names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc), add new areas of interest, and also make notes about customer calls, visits, and other interactions.
  3. The customer database tracks all changes and notes and records them in a date/time stamped list of updates, showing the most recent first, to get the best picture of what’s happening with each customer.


Next, we’ll be working on ways to help you leverage this database you’re building.

May your traffic be great, and your sales be greater!


Dennis O'Neil

Dennis O'Neil


Dennis has spent over 19 years using the internet to sell and market new homes. He blogs about internet marketing for home builders here, wrote a book about technology's impact on the sales process, and is a respected speaker on advanced internet marketing and the online sales process.