The ONeil Edit – July 23, 2021

Picking up the kid from camp this evening and then heading into my last week of work before vacation! Shortly after that I venture to Dallas for the DYC Summit, and attend a concert 22 years in the making for me (Dave Matthews Band). There is so very much to look forward to this August I can’t stand it. I’m trying not to wish away time but it’s so hard with so much to look forward to. Needless to say this week I’ve just tried to keep my nose to the grindstone and GSD so that I can truly enjoy my time off.

In my inbox I found myself clicking on lots of housing news links and only a few digital marketing ones. I’m fascinated by this market. I have always loved real estate; working here has really taught me so much about the nuances and differences between all real estate sales and new home sales. I find myself digging into any and all articles that provide insight about what we’re seeing unfold. It’s like trying to solve a mystery/forecast the future plus it involves data which is my favorite. A couple times today I clicked on an article about housing solely because it came with a chart. Be Still my ❤️, I love a 📈.


After more than a year of efforts, the NAHB was able to get the White House to hold a supply chain summit to discuss the impacts of the supply chain on housing prices and propose some solutions moving forward. As for news with charts, well builder confidence is ⬇️ in July since the decreased lumber prices haven’t hit builders yet and there are other issues with supply and labor that is driving housing costs way ⬆️. Overall though the chart trends north which is a good thing. And over on Builder Online, forecasts for the future of the economy and the housing market remain strong. 🎶 to my 👂!


According to Adobe, emoji’s can drive sales. Is it working yet? See them all ☝️ there? That’s why I used them. 

“Forty-two percent of emoji users are more likely to purchase products that are advertised using emojis, according to a new survey.”

So does this article resonate more with you since I peppered it full of emoji? Or do you not really care?


Another company making moves in the name of privacy is Verizon. They’re going to let people opt out of ads in their network which will allow those who want personalized ads to continue receiving them. 

“Increasingly, it seems that Verizon and its dual platform-ad tech peers are the future of digital advertising. In other words, with open web targeting becoming more difficult due to privacy changes, advertisers are going to need to turn to massive publishers who can offer media buyers targeting and measurement via first-party relationships.”

Because of Verizon’s position, these moves in the name of privacy aren’t just for the good of the consumer, in the end, Verizon will reap rewards for the move both in positive publicity and in actual monetary rewards down the road, not dissimilar from Apple.

That’s what was in my inbox today. Hope you enjoyed the read. Have a great weekend!

Molly White

Molly White

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