MAX 2020 – How Do You Like Our New Hardware?

Does anyone else feel like this year has moved at a breakneck pace? We blinked and it was time for the annual MAX Awards! The Sales and Marketing Council of the Maryland Building Industry Association announced the Maryland Award of Excellence winners in a virtual event  on May 20, 2021. Each year local home builders, sales people, architects and new home merchandisers who provide buyers with excellence in design, livability and value, are recognized for their achievements.

Not only did the ONeil team walk away with four shiny, new accolades to add to our brag wall, a few of us got to spend some long overdue face time with each other at the office to celebrate. 2020 was a year of change, growth, and progress and we’re proud of these award-winning projects and the people behind them.

Here’s what we earned:

CATEGORY: Outstanding Builder Website

This new site uses high quality photography and incorporates a sleek design to showcase their status as a luxury builder. Because of the incredible growth the company has seen in recent years, we incorporated features that allow users to search across multiple markets, including traditional communities and a Build on Your Lot program. The website development was fast tracked to coincide with the rebrand launch, delivering a completely custom site in half the time it would normally take. We are beyond proud,

CATEGORY: Outstanding Corporate Logo – Builder
PROJECT NAME: Caruso Homes New Logo

Revealed in mid October 2020, this new logo for established mid-Atlantic builder, Caruso Homes, represents a revitalized visual consistency across all Caruso’s creative assets including their newly redesigned website, social media platforms, print collateral, signage, and more.


CATEGORY: Outstanding Social Media Campaign – Associate
PROJECT NAME: Homefiniti & BeyondThe ONeil Edit

Faced with the great unknown of early Spring 2020 and the desire to share as much information as possible with our clients, we decided to jump headfirst into Facebook Live. It turned out that we rather enjoyed it and had a lot to share, so from one spur of the moment broadcast, Homefiniti & Beyond was born and Molly White took over as our official producer and host. Since April of 2020 we have managed to produce a live broadcast every other Friday (with a few exceptions!)

It became clear that we had a lot more information to share with our industry friends, so we channeled that into a weekly newsletter recap dubbed The ONeil Edit. On Fridays, usually before lunch, we publish a short blog post that recaps home builder, marketing and web design news that has surfaced over the week.

We share all of this across most of our social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Google My Business. On the whole it has leveled up our own marketing efforts, but has, more importantly, provided a resource for all home builders.

​CATEGORY: Outstanding Use of New Technology – Associate
PROJECT NAME: Homefiniti Socially App

Available in the Homefiniti dashboard, Socially allows builders to easily connect their Facebook and or Instagram feed to their website with just a few clicks and simple authorization process. Builders are able to showcase more of their brand identity and their website is automatically updated with fresh visual content with no extra content management work required. By using Socially on Homefiniti, builders don’t need to worry that they’re following Facebook compliance or worry about the development work that goes into having a social media feed on their site; Socially on Homefiniti takes care of all of that for them.


A big thanks to the MBIA and the MAX Awards committee for all their hard work putting on this fan favorite event. And a special shout-out to Molly’s charcuterie board, in case you missed it on Facebook and Instagram 🙂 Until next year!


Megan English

Megan English

Vice President

A homebuilding industry veteran and a marketer at heart, Megan makes it her mission get to the core of what you're trying to say and then find the best way to say it online. If you can get a few leads and laughs in the process, mission complete.