The ONeil Edit – April 23, 2021

As I first started reading this week’s news it was looking like this would be a light week. I was wrong. There’s so much news this week. I’ve got a ton of links to share and it’s gonna fall under more than three categories. Buckle up for the long read. 


It’s happening. Apple is rolling out iOs 14.5 on Monday and we’re all doomed! I don’t actually think we’re all doomed but buckle up because I’m sure it will be a bumpy ride. Not coincidentally, Apple is also rolling out some new ad products on Monday. Wait what? Apple might be making all these moves not in the name of privacy but for the sake of profits? I never saw that coming! ←-Sarcasm. In a move that shocks absolutely no one, Apple is using this time to expand their ad offerings now that the apps in the app store will be losing much of their in app ad revenue. 


I’m not sure you’re aware, but Facebook is in a bit of a tizzy over ATT. As such, they’re making lots of moves to try and ensure that their ad revenue doesn’t take too much of a hit. One new item that they’re testing out is a business discovery feature. Facebook will show related businesses based on items that show up in a users newsfeed. For example, if a new home post shows up their feed, Facebook might opt to show the user other new home builders pages. And just like with Apple, this isn’t all about helping small businesses get seen, it will allow for user data collection based on user behavior. Did they click on one of the businesses shown? Which one? How often? You know data that they can use to help target ads. And we’re full circle here.

But wait there’s more! Facebook is FINALLY letting businesses schedule story posts in both Facebook and Instagram. Oh yeah baby! This is a big ole gift for us content creators and marketers. You’ll also be able to save draft posts and manage photo albums. I can not tell you how happy this news makes me. Stories are hugely popular but super hard to execute on because they expire after 24 hours and require real time posting. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 


That just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite the way Keeping up with the Kardashians does, but I feel like Google and the Kardashians have a lot in common so I’m going with it. Google’s making moves too and has let us know that the Google Page Experience update that we covered in Homefiniti and Beyond will roll out in June. 

In the meantime, you can shift your focus to the dynamic exclusion list that they’re rolling out in the coming weeks. These let you ensure that your ad content doesn’t show up in places that you’d rather it not. For example, you might not want your ads to show on certain websites, or even just certain content topics or types. In the olden times, you would have to keep the list updated manually. With dynamic lists, it will update automatically. 

Google would also like you to know that Target ROAS and Target CPA aren’t going away as bid strategies, rather they’re being relocated to be grouped with other bid strategies. 


I’m picturing Microsoft singing this tune as Apple, Facebook and Google get all the attention. This week Microsoft announced several updates

  • Private Search – will compete with the likes of Duck Duck Go
  • Price Comparison – Let’s shoppers make sure they’re getting the best price
  • Video Ad Extension – multimedia ad extensions in search ads
  • Ads for Property Promotion – Got all excited with this one but it’s a new unit for vacation rentals, not new homes. Womp Womp
  • Tour/Activity Ads – another new ad unit, but for travel
  • Also a ton more stuff


Last week on Homefiniti and Beyond, I posited a theory that the declining session data I was seeing in March for home builders was due in part to the fact that the general public has caught on to the fact that there are supply issues and increased demand which is making for a super competitive market. They are therefore opting not to passively research new homes on the interwebs but instead are deciding to show up live and in person ready to buy a new home. This week’s news lends some credence to my theory. One of our local news channels had a whole feature on the housing market and the lumber/land issue

In addition, the market was strong in March with housing starts up 19% from February and 37% from March 2020. We know builders are doing everything they can to meet the demand and I’ll be curious to see how the always strong spring market ends up. 

In other encouraging news, NAHB is doing everything that it can to get the government involved to help bring down lumber costs and help with supply issues. In a couple weeks when the elected officials are out of session and home, NAHB is encouraging its members to “Bring Housing Home” 

Are you still here and reading? If so I’m impressed. It was just so much good stuff that had to be shared. Each article shapes and impacts the choices we make for our clients and will also impact your decision making process as well. With that I’m outta here! Not really, it’s only like an hour into the work day and I have a full plate. My reward for a good week of hard work is a hula hooping competition with my extended family this evening! Wish me luck and see you next week.

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