The ONeil Edit – November 13, 2020

Happy Friday the 13th! The second one this year. The first was the day that was the end of the before times…March 13th. We’re nearing the end of 2020 and are in the thick of the holiday season, my personal favorite time of year. For home builders this is a great time to assess the performance of 2020 and make plans for 2021. Today at 11am EST to Homefiniti and Beyond, Megan and I will be discussing email strategy and its role for home builders during the holiday season.


An update on a Facebook Ad glitch that our clients experienced last week. Just after I completed this write up last week, Facebook went nuts, sent me and a whole lot of other advertisers into a panic an disabled a bunch of ad accounts and rejected tons of ads. Then shortly thereafter, remedied the problem. It was the second such bug this year and one that was probably caused by their efforts to control political ads. 


In the news this week, Google has confirmed that it will start adding visual page experience indicators to search results in May of 2021. We discuss this often with our clients, both Google and Facebook place a heavy emphasis on user experience. They want users to be able to find what they came for with ease. These visual indicators will let people see which search results might provide the best user experience.

The Google Page Experience update, which the company announced earlier this year, will roll out in May 2021. It will consider signals attributed to the perceived page experience a user might have. Those signals combine Core Web Vitals with existing search signals such as mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS-security, and intrusive interstitial guidelines.”


While we strive to stay up to date and keep you informed about the products we use daily, we are also always on the hunt for the next great thing. In that vein, Spotify has really been upping its game in podcasting, an area that is of particular interest to me as I have noticed an general increase in awareness and use of podcasts as a source of news and entertainment. This week Spotify announced the acquisition of Megaphone. This is a tool that will expand its advertising capabilities for both publishers and advertisers. I am going to investigate further and if you’re a current client, don’t be surprised if you hear me recommend branching out to dip your toes in the Spotify waters.

My goal each week in presenting this is twofold. First, I want to save you time by bringing you the three most newsworthy items I’ve come across. That way you don’t have to read as much. Second, I want to educate you so that you have the information and tools necessary to make educated decisions when it comes to your website and marketing needs. If you ever have questions about these articles, please feel free to reach out and email me.

Molly White

Molly White

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