The ONeil Edit – August 26, 2020

Last week in our Homefiniti and Beyond I mentioned two developments that we read about and thought were important enough to share with you all. We got to talking amongst ourselves and we decided that you might be interested in hearing what we’re interested in each week. 

Welcome to week one of “The ONeil Edit”

Google announced a new certification program that’s being touted as a disrupter to college. They’ll offer certificates in 3 areas that can be completed at an as yet undisclosed low price over the course of 6 months. The areas are UX Design, Project Management, and Data Analysis. The average salary for these roles is between $60,000 and nearly $100,000 so it’s got a lot of potential. And of course many of us on the team raised our hands and said we’d like to earn one of these certificates. How about you?

The other big news that was specifically related to our business was that Zillow announced its new  builder reviews feature powered by Avid Ratings. Consumer reviews tend to trigger feelings of optimism or fear amongst builders, but this statement from the press release explains why they’ve made this change. 

Zillow data suggests more people are considering new construction homes now, compared to before the pandemic hit. Page views for paid new construction listings on Zillow increased dramatically during the spring and summer, with greater than 34% year-over-year growth over the last for 4 months, and were up 81% in July as shoppers continue to show an interest in designing a new home.”

My goal for these “ONeil Edits” is to post each Friday a quick update about the headlines grabbing our attention for the week. Today is a catch up from last week. But check back on Friday for this week’s news.

We hope you find these helpful!

Molly White

Molly White

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