Google Includes Photos in Search Results for New Homes

It’s no secret that Google is constantly making changes to the search algorithm and the way they display search results. We noticed this past week a new “Search by Photos” option appeared for certain queries.

This is a game changer for new home builders who want a chance to be able to visually showcase their offerings right within Google’s search results. These search results are powered by a businesses Google My Business listing, so Google is definitely rewarding those who take advantage of this feature.

Accurate and regularly updated Google My Business listings have many benefits. The below photo search results page is just one. A picture says a thousand words, what does your Google My Business listing presence say about your brand?


Stacey Titemore

Stacey Titemore

As an artist, Stacey appreciates creating visuals that make an impact. As a marketer, Stacey appreciates creating campaigns that generate a response. These complimentary goals, and a diverse digital experience, make Stacey a valuable asset to our clients.