Meet Jennifer – Our New Office Manager

We’re excited to introduce you to Jennifer Fisher! As our Office Manager, Jennifer keeps us on track with all of our office needs.

Describe what you do at ONeil Interactive in one or two sentences.

As the Office Manager, I’m in charge of HR and client bookkeeping duties as well as general office management (which often revolves around food).

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A Veterinarian. Until a family member told me I would have to be ok with putting animals to sleep (or you could say “pointed out some of the less savory aspects of the job”). At that point, I decided to go to med school.

What was your first job?

I worked at a french bakery chain in San Diego called La Petite Boulangerie. The best part was trading pastries for pizza, videos and other items with the shopping mall’s varied tenants. The worst part was the red pinafore/apron dress and “French” beret I was forced to wear.

What’s your favorite thing(s) to do on your day off?

I’m fairly new to the East Coast, so my husband (a native Marylander) spends many weekends playing tour guide.

Share one fun fact about yourself that might surprise us.

Despite ditching med school in favor of law school, I ended up spending many years as a non-scripted (ahem…”reality”) TV Producer in Los Angeles.

What’s your spirit animal and why?

The Boston Terrier. They have an eager-to-please, inquisitive nature; are good problem solvers, unbelievably tenacious when they want something, loyal to those they love and sometimes energetic to the extreme (ie prone to sudden bursts of unexpectedly spazzy behavior)

What one thing you’ve learned about home builder marketing since you joined the ONeil Interactive team?

So much goes on behind the scenes. Technology is constantly changing and the entire ONeil Interactive team works tirelessly to keep on top of our clients’ ever-evolving marketing needs. Good websites need constant care and feeding!

Megan English

Megan English

Vice President

A homebuilding industry veteran and a marketer at heart, Megan makes it her mission get to the core of what you're trying to say and then find the best way to say it online. If you can get a few leads and laughs in the process, mission complete.