Keeping Your Followers Engaged:The Home Builder Mobile Photography Shot List

With the average mobile smartphone, a new home sales team has the capability to create compelling and engaging content for their home builders social media feeds!

As gorgeous as those high resolution photos of your model homes are, a home builder’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feed should consist of much more than stunning photography paired with promotional captions. Providing engaging content for followers and potential homebuyers is a particular art form that goes beyond breathtaking images. It takes a little practice and a little inspiration, but the benefits are sure to pay off. One of the most effective methods a sales team can implement in their social media strategy is to capture real-time photos that encourage followers to not only engage the post but the homebuilder’s brand. From heartwarming pictures of the new homeowners to a quick shot of your morning coffee (in your branded company mug of course), providing followers with these behind the scenes, moments is a sure way to keep them engaged!

Suggested Shot List To Encourage Engagement:

  • Siding being installed
  • Philanthropic Efforts/Awards

  • Construction hats, equipment, or machinery
  • Building materials/products being delivered on-site
  • Videos/photos of walks around the neighborhood or community

It’s a great day to stroll through the lush wooded walking trails of Insights Stoney Ridge Estates community in Georgetown, DE.

Posted by Insight Homes on Monday, April 8, 2019

  • Concrete being poured into the foundation of the home site

  • Photo/short videos of what the contractors are working on in the home
  • Community amenities (parks, pools, clubhouse, gyms, walking trails, pavilions)

  • Up close images of products/finishes (stone, marble, hardwood, tubs, granite countertops, doorknobs)

It’s all comes down to the details for many of our homeowners. From feeling the grain of your hardwood floors to piecing…

Posted by Brown Haven Homes on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

  • Photo/short video of Sales Teams near their favorite home features
  • A model home’s landscape (closeups of flower beds, flower pots, trees, fresh cut lawn)
  • Building stages of the house (before and after)
  • New homeowners in front of their new home (or in the sales office pointing to their lot on the community map/plan)

  • Sales team office culture (behind the scenes images of coffee breaks, luncheons, team meetings, retreats, conferences, trade shows, etc.)

  • Photos of the finished home in varying weather during different times of the day (rain, fog, snow, sunshine, sunsets, morning skies, etc.)

While posting relevant content that directs traffic to your website is a huge factor that goes into properly managing a business page on social media; take into consideration if, and how your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are being maintained. Users tend to glaze over the promotional post about deals and specials being offered if it’s the only content being posted to your feeds. Keep your content fun and fresh with engaging images and videos that’ll allow users to not only follow your page but recognize and follow your home builder brand as well!

Megan McSwain

Megan McSwain

As a lover and avid user of social media, Megan spends her days curating original and fresh content for our clients. She stays abreast on on all upcoming trends for what she likes to call the "big three," Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With a keen eye for post worthy content, Megan effectively enhances our clients digital presence.