Top 25 Ways We Made Homefiniti Better in 2018

You’ve probably heard us say “a website is never finished,” as we believe we can always find ways to improve. And that goes extra for Homefiniti. We’re constantly updating and improving Homefiniti to be the marketing operating system of home builders.

From a whole host of enhancements, improvements, and new features, we’ve rounded up the Top 25 ways we made Homefiniti better in 2018. And the year’s not even over yet!


Hey, that looks familiar! When you’re ready to create a feed for Listing Broadcasts, you’ll see some familiar faces, like the logos for Zillow, BDX, BuzzBuzzHome, New Home Directory and more.

One of the top features of Homefiniti is the ability for Plans and Specs to inherit images from a Master Plan. No need to upload all of those images multiple times! In January, we took another look and improved Master Plan image propagation process for Plans and Specs.


Homebuyers can easily log in to their Retail User account with Google or Facebook. Technology is always changing, so we do too. In February, we updated the retail user login process to comply with new Facebook requirements.

A fast website = a happy user. We improved our File Compression System to speed up page load time for Chrome and Firefox Users.

When we added Multi-File Upload in 2017, it was a huge hit. As of February, multiple uploads are now available for Galleries, Pages, & Blogs.

Once you’ve made the last in a big batch of updates and you’re ready to reset your site cache, do it all in one click with the new “Save Bar” with [Save & Reset Cache] options.

In 2018, Google Chrome has been the most used browser, accounting for over half of web traffic. Now these users will have a better website experience. Smaller and faster WebP image files will now be shown to Google Chrome users. WebP files average 25-35% smaller, resulting in faster page loads.


Want to take a look at just your Under Construction specs? Or check in on just Coming Soon locations? We added a Status column when viewing your lists of Locations and Specs to help you sort and view just the listings you want to see.

Your website may use Tags to help group and categorize certain pages throughout the site. We updated Lead Interests to function like Tags for a more consistent user experience.

Homefiniti was built with SEO in mind and automatically creates SEO-friendly page titles and meta descriptions for all of your listings. If you want a little more control over it, in March we added Page Title and Meta Description fields to Locations, Masterplans, Plans, and Specs. If you want to enable this new feature, let us know!

Want to direct users to a landing page on your website but don’t want it indexed by Google and other search engines? We added this checkbox option to exclude a Page from website Sitemap.xml to minimize this likelihood.

Ever want to know which Retail Users have “Favorited” a certain location? With the new “Locations” search field, you can now search for Retail Users based on which Locations they’ve favorited!


We know sometimes people love your homes so much, they reach out more than once. In April we improved lead merge rules to better handle duplicate inquiries.


These days, spam is a problem on every website, and we’re here to help. The new [Mark as Spam] button for Leads removes the lead from stats, search, and blocks future email notifications.

We know files sometimes get saved with crazy names, and weird characters could result in broken images. No longer! We updated to auto-remove special characters from uploaded file names to avoid broken images.

While browsing Zillow, and other Internet Listing Services, you may have noticed promotions. We added this Promotions feature, now available under XML Broadcasts menu.


Here comes another Facebook update. In June, we again updated the Facebook Login API for easily available Retail User functionality so that your buyers didn’t miss a beat.


Homefiniti’s Interactive Floor Plans allow users to configure their ideal home with the elevation and options of their choice. If a plan only has one available elevation, you may have noticed an improved display in July, with one larger elevation image, giving your buyers a better look at their future home.


If you’re taking advantage of Homefiniti’s dynamically generated PDFs, you may have noticed they got a little faster in August. We improved dynamic PDF generation for an 800% faster end-user experience.

Buyers expect your site to be accurate and we know you need that updated price or feature list to show to all users. We added cache-busting protection to ensure users see the newest available version of your website.


We added logos to the XML Broadcast Feeds, so that Zillow, Move, and other ILS’s can display your builder logo alongside community photos, plan elevations, and more. Branding on point!


Your buyers are certainly wondering “When is that beautiful inventory home going to be ready?” We added a ‘Date Available’ field for Specs. If you’re not taking advantage of this field yet, give us a call and we can talk about how to add it to your website.

If your newest location or plan looks pretty similar to one you’ve already created, don’t waste time copying over everything manually. The new ‘Duplicate’ feature for Locations, Masterplans, and Plans instantly copies over all of your core data. Just edit a few details and hit save!

We added the Active switch to the Plan & Spec lists inside each Location edit page, making it quicker and easier for you to update your listings from multiple places within Homefiniti.

You no longer have to wonder why some of your listings aren’t making it onto Zillow or which pages on your website need more content. Our new Content Quality Scores and Broadcast Eligibility alerts do all the work for you. Read all about it here.

2019, we’re comin’ for ya!

Jenna Schwartz

Jenna Schwartz

Project Manager

Juggling an ever-changing portfolio of digital projects, Jenna's job is to find out what our clients want and the best way to make it happen. Delivering a new lead-generating website or an updated feature that's even better than expected: mission accomplished.