A Week at High Altitude

For anyone familiar with the ONeil Interactive culture it’s a widely known premise that we hold continuing education, professional development and being forever in “learning mode” among our top priorities. It’s not everyday that you’re afforded the opportunity to step away from the day-to-day responsibilities and immerse yourself in, well… yourself. I got to do just that at the end of October when I spent a week in Colorado Springs at the Center for Creative Leadership in their Leadership Development Program.

In short, the program tackles communication and collaboration, resiliency, stress management and problem solving by way of intensive personalized feedback, content-rich learning sessions and interactive exercises. Alongside twenty-four total strangers from across the globe (even as far as China!) I stripped my armour and charged through the emotional leadership gauntlet CCL has so strategically architected. The experience was raw and impactful, and, if nothing else, I emerged on the other side a more self-aware and confident individual.

I cannot share enough positive sentiment about the Center for Creative Leadership. From the knowledgeable and supportive faculty, to the Colorado campus’s gorgeous mountain backdrop, to the 5-star catering (can’t forget a food shout-out), the CCL team created a safe space to foster personal and professional growth.

A big thanks to Dennis for bringing the program to my attention, to the members of the ONeil Interactive team who provided candid 360 reviews and to everyone at home and in the office who helped pick up the slack while I was away. It was truly an evolutionary experience that I hope translates into marked improvement in not only my development as a leader, but as a human being.

For more information on the Center for Creative Leadership and all the opportunities they offer visit their website.

Megan English

Megan English

Vice President

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