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Intro to the Case:

Recently, ONeil Interactive published a case study based on one of our clients, a well-respected home builder, and one of our latest marketing tools, “Follow.”

Follow generates thousands of individual Facebook ads — no less than one for every community, floor plan, and inventory home a builder has available for sale. Follow tracks what home shoppers are viewing on a builder’s website, and then encourages these shoppers to come back through the ads it generates on Facebook. We know the home shopping process is a long one. Encouraging prospects to come back for another look improves the ROI of your digital marketing. The case study is based on a 60 day period.



 Not only did these ads deliver a click-through rate of 4.96%, Follow more notably delivered traffic quality at the highest level — with time-on-site and pages-per-visit performance exceeding that of regular Facebook advertising. Additionally, Follow visitors had the lowest bounce rate of all volume traffic sources at just 2.27%! To find out more about Follow and the results it produced, download the case study!

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Special thanks to our client who paved the way for some awesome data to share!

Home shoppers clicked, our champagne glasses clinked, and Follow earned a MAX award for “Outstanding Use of New Technology” by the Sales & Marketing Council of the Maryland Building Industry Association! Contact us here to learn more about Follow, and how it will improve your remarketing ROI.

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Casey Cunningham

Casey Cunningham

Born into a world where social media has become a crucial form of communication, Casey has honed that skill to a sharp point. She has managed social media platforms and developed marketing strategies both in the U.S. and in China. This gives her a unique and astute perspective to create new styles and effective marketing platforms for our clients.