Extreme Makeover Live: A Fairytale

Once upon a time, there was a new home builder, ABC Homes, who built the best new communities in all the land. Marketing Mike was in charge of sales and marketing for ABC Homes and was always looking to improve their digital strategy and online discoverability.

Marketing Mike loved to attend the International Builders’ Show every year to learn about the latest and greatest happenings in the industry. One day, while exploring the official Education Grid, he came across an exciting session at the 2016 Builders’ Show- Extreme Makeover Live: Internet Marketing Edition.

Getting all aspects ABC Homes’ marketing reviewed, live, in front of his peers? A little intimidating, but Marketing Mike was confident in his current strategy and excited to learn where he could improve. So he registered for consideration…. and, much to his excitement, he was picked to participate!

With just a pinch of communication with the three marketing industry pros and a dash of login credentials, Marketing Mike’s end of the bargain was complete. So he packed his bags, withdrew some cash for the craps table and flew out to Vegas. The day of the Extreme Makeover Live session was full of anticipation. There was so much buzz about the event and when Marketing Mike walked into South 228 he was blown away by how many home builder marketing professionals had packed the room. Marketing Mike was called up on stage and his full marketing review was underway….

Facebook ads? ABC Homes is killin’ it, and his targeting impresses all of the presenters.

Retargeting? The presenters have a few ideas of how ABC Homes might improve their reach.

Email campaigns? Awesome creative. Compelling subject lines.

Display ads? Maybe he could adjust in a few ways to increase click thrus.

(Insert Audience Applause!)

ABC Homes and Marketing Mike had a great Extreme Makeover Live experience. Marketing Mike got to brag a little for the things he was doing successfully for his brand, and he walked away with some great ideas on how to take his digital marketing to the next level.

A few weeks after the event, ABC Homes gets yet another perk. A one-hour phone call with the three presenters, Dennis, Paul and Will. Marketing Mike gets to ask some questions, get great advice and chat about how to market his brand.

Marketing Mike ramps up his ABC Homes’ digital marketing, sells way more new homes in 2016 and lives happily ever after.

Does this little fairy tale sound like something you want to make a reality? Of course it does. Register for Exteme Makeover Live here.


Jenna Schwartz

Jenna Schwartz

Project Manager

Juggling an ever-changing portfolio of digital projects, Jenna's job is to find out what our clients want and the best way to make it happen. Delivering a new lead-generating website or an updated feature that's even better than expected: mission accomplished.