Third Quarter 2019 Digital Marketing Trends for Homebuilders

Overall the third quarter of 2019 looked good on both Facebook and Google. Megan and Dennis recently had the opportunity to travel to Facebook to continue to build ONeil Interactive’s relationship as an official Facebook Marketing Partner. While our Search Conversion manager has been hard at work optimizing campaigns to be in accordance with the latest findings and changes from Google. All the while, the digital ad space continues to grow – social ad spend is predicted to surpass print by the end of the year for the first time ever. 



For the past 6 months, we have been running conversion based ads on Facebook. We recently ran a comparison to see if they were actually outperforming the previous, landing page ad type which meant that the ad was optimizing for landing page views. Optimizing for conversions provided 100+% more conversions than when optimizing for landing page views during the same period in 2018. 


The Click Through Rate for the third quarter is 4.84%. Once again, trouncing the industry average of .99%. The third quarter results show an improvement in CTR of 15.8% from the second quarter and a 7.8% improvement over the third quarter of 2018. 


We also saw improvement in Google Search Ads for our clients. The third quarter Click Through Rate was 5.81% beating the industry average of 3.71% by more than 35%. It was up almost 15% from the second quarter and up nearly 7% from the third quarter of 2018. By concentrating not just on the keywords, but also the oft forgotten, negative keywords, we are able to drive a targeted search ad strategy that lets our clients outperform their competition.

With regards to Google’s Display advertising, our performance was down slightly this quarter. Impressions are up almost 17% over the second quarter and over 100% compared to last year. The goal of these campaigns is more often geared to market saturation and brand awareness with a heavy focus on remarketing.


Remarketing is what our Follow ads do – once someone visits our clients websites, these ads follow them around the internet reminding them of their visit and asking them to come back to do more research on their future home.


These ads can run in thousands of locations in hundreds of sizes and garner hundreds of thousands of impressions (customer eyes) for our clients. To paint a full picture of the Google Display Ads, it’s important to note that the impressions and clicks are both up rather significantly both for the quarter and the year. However, impressions outpaced clicks resulting in the lower CTR. So while people might not click these ads, it helps them remember our clients name so that when they’re ready to build their new home, they think of our clients first. 


Google and Facebook are a must have in your marketing arsenal. These products should not be considered add-on’s to a Homebuilder’s marketing plan, but rather a cornerstone of it. These products can be intimidating because the landscape is constantly shifting and that’s where we come in. ONeil understands that the rules change regularly and believes in investing in continuing education for our employees so that we can best serve our clients. This year, we sent our Search Conversion Manager to SMX and our Digital Strategist and Digital Creative Manager to Litmus Live. Send us an email and let us show you how our competitive advantage can help your company.


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Molly White

Molly White

I am a passionate early adopter. At ONeil Interactive I help clients put their best technological foot forward while generating high quality leads with digital campaigns that consistently beat industry averages.