Social media hits its stride.

If you have been following the annual Marketing Pulse over the past few years, you know we like to keep a close eye on the influence and effectiveness of social media campaigns. As a digital marketing agency specializing in the builder industry, it’s quite exciting to watch the community not only embrace Facebook, Google+,  Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, but also report boosts in exposure and sales thanks to these (and many other) social channels.

We think builders’ attitudes on social media has come a long way in a short time.  Just a few years ago, our recommendations to branch out into the social media space were often shot down with clients’ blank stares. Some grasped the potential and others didn’t, which is usually the case when injecting something new into the marketing mix. That said, our persistence prevailed and many skeptical clients now praise social media as a powerful sales tool that increases builder brand, credibility, leads, and yes, sales.

According to this year’s Pulse, a whopping 73% of builders surveyed say their social media efforts have been “Effective” or “Highly Effective”. This is a substantial leap from the 58%  figure we reported just one year ago. Impressive data, but we wanted to dig a bit deeper and determine if this high level of satisfaction was based on feeling or fact.  Our follow-up question  asked whether they were able to track a “direct business benefit from social media participation”. We were floored yet again when we learned 52% credit direct leads and sales to their social campaigns.

The takeaway? In a nutshell, these efforts are paying off. So don’t be shy, make your presence known in the social media marketplace. Everybody’s there… including your potential customers and your competition.

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Beverly Bankert

Beverly Bankert

Beverly is an ultra-organized marketing pro with over 10 years experience developing and implementing results-focused strategies and high impact materials. Beverly knows our clients and keeps their phones ringing with new leads.