DYC Summit

If you know anything about me, and my past, you know that providing easy access to education and training has always been hugely important to me (and the companies I work for!) Prior to entering the world of homebuilding, I worked for a company that focused solely on adult workplace training, specifically from a technology […]

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The ONeil Edit – August 27, 2021

| Molly White

My oldest started high school today (not exactly, it’s just freshman orientation but still). And I’d like to inform you that I can’t possibly be old enough to be the parent of a high school student because in my head I am still only about 25 years old. But alas, here I stand, having conversations […]

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DYC Pulse 2020: A Virtual Event Success Story

| Megan English

One of my favorite parts of being in the homebuilding industry is the camaraderie and what is happening right now in our world is exciting. We are experiencing an unprecedented success story and not being able to high five my people about it is depressing. I’d love to believe that virtual events can replace the […]

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My Do You Convert Summit 2019 Wrap-up

| Dennis O'Neil

I’ve always felt that the ONeil Interactive team is made up of “my people” — meaning they get me and I’m comfortably transparent with who I am. We’re all individuals with unique interests and quirks, but the love of digital, the quest for knowledge, and the desire to do good things for good people are […]

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