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We set out to build a website that looked great, was easy to find, easy to navigate, and gave the visitor what they wanted – lots of visual content; photos, videos, plans, etc. We’re happy to collaborate with other designers, and for the Kaine website, we worked with an initial site sketch done by one of Kaine’s favorites. We built upon that framework to complete the design with a focus on user experience and search engine optimization. Both Kaine Homes and ONeil Interactive agree that the website looks great, gets found easily, and generates leads. Read on to learn about the site’s heavy use of video, the companion mobile website, the Facebook app, and lots more.


Kaine Homes selected ONeil Interactive to build innovative interactive floor plans with features surpassing any of its competitors, small and large.

ONeil Interactive delivered, providing a dynamic experience that works as well on an iPad as it does on a desktop computer (no Flash here), but also allows a prospect to spend hours configuring their new home's options AND prices. Creating a "retail" experience similar to those provided by auto manufacturers has resulted in high praise from consumers and ultra-qualified leads.

Facebook App

The Kaine Facebook page has always received traffic. The question has always been how to help convert some of that great discussion and engagement into interest and product awareness. As part of this project, we designed a custom Facebook app that allows Kaine to feature a list of communities, complete with photos, videos, and links back to KaineHomes.com from a tab on their Facebook page. As an added bonus, the “share” button allows a visitor to post the community listings to their own Facebook wall complete with an appropriate image, title, and link. To top it all off, we track every click with Google Analytics.

WordPress Integration

The blog is the hub of social activities. Instead of opting for an “offsite” blog, this project kept with the Kaine tradition of making the company blog a part of the company website. We utlized the popular WordPress blog platform and fully integrated it with the rest of the KaineHomes.com design, making the step from community page to blog page, completely seamless and transparent to a website vistor. We also enabled moderated comments on the blog that allow a user to login using their Facebook identity.

Video, Video, Video

Video is found in every component of the new KaineHomes.com. The homepage contains four random selections from an extensive library of videos showcasing the Kaine team members discussing what differentiates them from the competition. The community and floor plan pages include video tours and walk-throughs wherever available. Even the About Us page includes a brief video interview where each team member discusses their contribution to the Kaine homebuying experience.

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Kaine Homes Interactive Floor Plan
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To be effective, websites need regular care and feeding. This means not only fresh content and but also technology upgrades. As a techno-junkie, I'm committed to the belief that some program exists in cyberspace that will cure my every marketing ill as well as the common cold. Fortunately, ONeil Interactive has been able to keep these fantasies reeled in over the years. Their in-depth experience allows us to take advantage of what's new and useful and discard technologies that are distracting to our mission.

Brooke Kaine
Owner, Kaine Homes