M/I Homes

Turning Social Behavior into Fresh Leads

(New vs Resale Quiz Microsite)

The digital leadership at M/I Homes is forever on the lookout for new and productive marketing opportunities, and they brought a new challenge to ONeil Interactive -- How can we leverage the virality and popularity of Buzzfeed-esque quizzes to generate home shopping leads?

Homes.com, purveyor of the newest domain name option for real estate companies; dot-homes (as in http://NewsVsResale.homes), was looking for creative web projects to show off these new domain names to the world.

A long time proponent of "going where your customers are," ONeil Interactive saw nothing but upside to capitalizing on the quiz-taking trend with a cool new domain name to build a lead-generating machine.

Read the Case Study to learn how this quiz generatd new leads for a small fraction the cost of traditional methods.