Insight Homes

When Building Science meets Marketing Science, Great Things Happen

(Insight Homes)

Insight Homes is a leading builder in Delaware with construction practices respected across the country. Known for their building science, smart engineering, and homeowner utility bills under $100/mo, Insight Homes approaches each component of their marketing with deadly accuracy. ONeil Interactive was selected to design and develop their new website with the clear goal of increasing lead volume.

Running on our best-in-class Homefiniti platform, is fast, user-friendly, and full of awesome features.

  • Easy to create "MyInsight" customer accounts for saving favorite homes and communities
  • Simple one-click login with Facebook and Google
  • Ultra-conversion tracking built-in to monitor the smallest details of user behavior
  • An intuitive user search and community map view
  • Local area information for community research
  • A tremendous video library for research hungry visitors

We're confident you'll be impressed by both the website and the builder.