How We Improved Homefiniti in 2019

We love making Homefiniti better and it shows.

We made hundreds of Homefiniti improvements and optimizations last year, but instead sharing every nerdy detail, we’ve collected just a few of our favorites.


Custom Page Templates
New ability to specify a custom layout when adding Pages. This feature allows for better functionality of specially designed pages and landing pages.

Facebook Advanced Matching
To help with conversion attribution, Homefiniti websites with customer accounts connect users with Facebook accounts to track conversions across all the devices they use.

We hate Form Spam
Your OSCs don’t want to be distracted by and inundated with spam. We added automatic filtering on all forms for better behind-the-scenes spam filtering.

The Weekly Email gets Better
We added XML Alerts and Content Quality Recommendations to the weekly Stats email to better help you optimize your listings.

Better Listing Syndication
We added the option to include Amenities to locations, plans, and specs to keep your Zillow, BDX and ILS listings chock-full of relevant content.


Keeping Google Happy
Thanks to an update from Google, we were able to update meta description length to 300 characters.

Supporting Value Ranges
Do your home plans allow for some customization? Tell your buyers that their dream home can have 2-4 bedrooms or 3-5 bathrooms. We add maximum values to some home stats to better represent your plan offerings.

Get that new landing page ready but no need to activate it until your campaign goes live. We added an “Active” slider to the Pages dashboard.


Spec Available Dates
Tell Zillow and BDX when your newest spec home will be ready to move in. We added Spec Availability date to XML feeds.

Making Siteplan Management Easier
We optimized the Interactive Site Plan dashboard to ensure all map markers on all zoom levels.

Optimized Image Display
We improved the delivery of images in Homefiniti websites to display the most ideal size – no bigger file than necessary, but optimized for the user’s screen.


Zillow Spec Status
Is that spec Under Construction or Move in Ready? We added the Spec Status to all Zillow exports.

HVAC Details
Central Air or Geothermal? Zillow wants to know. We added heating and cooling information to locations in Homefiniti, which automatically pushes out to all plans and specs in your Zillow feed.


Restrict Lots
Building in a subdivision with multiple builders or phases? To help avoid confusion, we added “Unavailable” lots to Interactive Site Plans so that buyers know exactly where they can find your homes.


Keeping Google Results Clean
To ensure Google only indexes what you want them to, we started automatically adding “noindex” directives to all staging site pages.


Open Houses
Zillow loves Open Houses, giving those listings with Open Houses prominence and top billing. We launched our Open House feature, allowing you to add Open Houses at the location and spec level.


Making PDFs Faster
We started leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services to create your dynamic PDFs even faster.


Price Ranges
We implemented a maximum base price for Master Plans and Plans, when you want to give buyers the base price for your lowest and highest priced elevations.

HOA Fees
We added a new Location Services field for Zillow, so you can let your buyers know when there’s an HOA, how much it is, and if the payment is annual or monthly.

With support for special shortcodes in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) enables you to mix in videos and other dynamic components in your content.


Copy Descriptions
No need to retype the same home descriptions over and over. We added the ability to copy descriptions from Master Plans into Plan and Spec pages in the dashboard, so that you can edit a few details and instantly have a customized home description.

Maximum Garages and Floors
We know bedrooms and bathrooms aren’t the only customizable home features. We add maximum and minimum fields for stories and garage spaces.

Better Image Uploads in Blogs and Pages
When you upload an image to a WYSIWYG for a blog post or Page, we automatically return an optimized “Large” image size. Make edits if needed, but by default this image will render clearly without slowing down the page. Win, win.


Updated Mapping Functionality
We updated the functionality of getting your latitude/longitude for locations and specs with upgraded searching, mapping, and overall experience.


We’ve already gotten started on some major updates that we can’t wait to share. Stay tuned!

Jenna Schwartz

Jenna Schwartz

Project Manager

Juggling an ever-changing portfolio of digital projects, Jenna's job is to find out what our clients want and the best way to make it happen. Delivering a new lead-generating website or an updated feature that's even better than expected: mission accomplished.